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Be also a Marketeer, Build Your Brand, Grow Sales Volume, Profit & Expand into New Markets

The intelligent Manufacturer is also an excellent marketeer. Building your own sales and marketing division to support your manufacturing output, is the best investment you can make. Creating your independence from, solely, independent distributors, sales agents etc. is a must. Without your own, inhouse, sales and marketing department you are very volnurable for commercial services over which you have no direct control. What if your distributor departs from you or decides to take on a competitive product line? A healthy combination of internal sales and marketing with “foreign” (sales agents, distributors etc.) sales and marketing support is the most secure direction to a positive development of your company. More than ever before, manufacturers need to be visible online to reach new customers and stay close to the present client base. By adding your company listing to this web site you again extend the capability of your internal and external sales and marketing department .

Is Your Brand a Business Asset or is Building it just a business expense?
Don’t think that branding only applies to companies like Coca-Cola or Nike. Your reputation, goodwill and service agreements all make up your brand. Brands, unlike physical assets, can appreciate when managed correctly. Remember: Good marketing should create an appreciable asset, such as a qualified customer database or a growing digital footprint.

Connect with your target audience of engineering, manufacturing, industrial, technical and scientific professionals and create your company listing here.

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Dietary Supplements, Functional Drinks and Skin Care

About TCI CO., LTD. TCI is a large contract manufacturer of Dietary Supplements, Functional Drinks and Skin care. We deliver a total solution from concept […]

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