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Do you want to Highlight a Product in Export Opportunities?

How do I find export opportunities?When you want to offer a product or service to manufacturers, agents, distributors or importers, exporters, worldwide? Let us know, using the contact form, and we publish your product or service for you,  as the offer(s) on this publication. If any of the listed Export Opportunities interest you, let us know through the contact form, and we will introduce you to the supplier.

Air Purifiers – Importers/ Distributors Wanted

best air purifier for covid best air purifier 2021Manufacturer of Mobile Air Purifiers suitable for large spaces such as schools etc., is looking for agents, distributors etc. Please contact us using the contact form.

The manufacturer also manufactures a full range of other semi-industrial and household electronics of excellent quality.

Inquiry spare parts Auger Drives Comer Industries

Auger Drives Comer Industries

One of our clients has problems sourcing certain spare parts and is looking for a price and delivery time for 2 PGA Modular Auger Drives produced by Comer Industries, as per below .pdf (click on .pdf to view) Auger Drives Inquiry