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Create a Professional Export Directory Listing:

Make your Export Directory Listing as complete as possible. A good title, description and photos on your business will create an end presentation that will attract many visitors and, for you, business contacts. The field “Address” is your complete address, like: “2025 M Street, Northwest, Washington, DC, 20036″ etc. The field “How much do you want it to be listed for?” refers to an indicative price of your product, in case you want to indicate the cost of a product that you show in your listing. It is not obligatory to show prices of your products. You can use the field “Mark as  Sold” to indicate that you have sold your product/item. When your Export Listing is completed, businesses will contact you directly from your listing. We can also sell and market your products for you on a proactive basis, find you sales agents and distributors, worldwide. If you prefer a proactive approach in the sales and marketing of your products, you can contact us here. When you need to source certain products, we can source these for you from thousands of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide in and outside our network, in which case you can contact us here to generate a RFQ – Request For Quotation.