Machinery exports account for highest earnings in the Netherlands

In terms of domestic value added due to exports, the Netherlands earns the most from the export of machinery and machine parts. In 2018, the value added generated due to exports of machinery such as chip manufacturing equipment and machinery for the food processing industry amounted to almost 16 billion euros. This is nearly 4 billion euros more than in 2015. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports this on the basis of new figures.

Domestic export earnings per euro of export value
Goods group 2018 (euro) 2015 (euro)
Total 0.51 0.53
Natural products and raw materials 0.64 0.65
Manufactured products 0.63 0.66
Food and beverages 0.59 0.6
Transport equipment 0.53 0.59
Chemical products 0.5 0.55
Machinery and equipment 0.43 0.38
Mineral fuels 0.3 0.41


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