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The Driving Force in Motion Control – in the fields of

Door closing solutions: Door dampers, door and gate closers for hinged doors and sliding doors, back checks for preventing uncontrolled opening of hinged doors, door holders, swing door hinges and more

Gas springs: Top-quality, high-performance gas springs – push type gas springs, pull type gas springs, locking gas springs, variable speed gas springs, incl. free calculation service

Hydraulic dampers: Hydraulic dampers – final dampers, oil dampers, radial dampers, rotary dampers – standard and customized solutions

Door interlock systems: DICTATOR door locking and interlock control systems stand out due to their reliability and simple handling, for their customer-friendly design without complicated programming language or the need of a computer to operate them.

Fire door control solutions: Hold-open systems for fire doors – smoke detectors, electromagnets / hold-open magnets, closing sequence controllers, operators for fire doors and fire gates, EX-proof systems for hazardous areas

Door and gate operators: Door drives especially for industrial use, also according to EN 12453, drives for fire protection doors and fire protection gates, customized solutions

Lift Equipment: Lift door dampers and door closers, customized homelifts and lifts according to 2014/33/EU directive and modular lift shaft systems.

Metal components and fittings for gates, doors, windows, skylights, shutters, blinds and awnings

  • Fittings, non-ferrous metal, for windows and doors
  • Fittings, ferrous metal, for windows and doors
  • Fittings and components, metal, for sash windows
  • Fittings and components, metal, for swing doors
  • Sliding door components and fittings, metal
  • Door closers, metal
  • Mechanisms, metal, for overhead garage doors
  • Doorstops, metal
  • Door springs, metal, automatic
  • Doorstops, electromagnetic
  • Safety fittings, metal, for doors and windows

Doors, metal

  • Doors, metal, electrically operated
  • Doors, metal, fire resistant
  • Doors and gates, wooden
  • Doors, wooden, fire resistant
  • Listing ID: 569
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
  • We are looking for: Agent/Representatives, Distributors, Wholesalers, Exporters
  • Current Export Areas: EU - European Union
  • We want to Export to: ALL COUNTRIES OR WORLDWIDE